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The United States is leading the world in alcohol and drug addiction recovery.   Many believe that Nashville, Tennessee is one of the cities leading the way in the US in the alcohol and drug addiction recovery field.   The Daily Beast did a survey and found Nashville to be the #1 “soberest city in the U.S” based on several statistical criteria.   The Huffington Post survey ranks Nashville as #5 “Best sober cities” based on a different set of statistical criteria.
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Nashville is the Home of Country Music.   It also makes sense that the city that brought you all those great drinking songs is also leading the way in recovery.

Our location has all the benefits of the 25th largest city in the US along with all the benefits of a natural, rural setting.

Downtown Nashville
Downtown Nashville

Radnor Wildlife Preserve
Radnor Wildlife Preserve
Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tennessee
Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tennessee

Some Things Nashville Does Better


Nashville is considered to be a leading center for Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery in the world. Click on the links in the paragraph above to learn more from independent sources.

Nashville is growing


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High Technology City

Healthcare (not music) is the region’s leading industry.

    * 250 companies headquartered here.
    * Six of the nation’s top 10 for-profit hospitals are located in Nashville.
    * Healthcare represents one in eight Nashville jobs.


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Downtown Nashville

Music in Nashville is no longer just for the cowboys.

    * The back office for the music industry is in Nashville.
    * Nashville is a center for Intellectual Property law.
    * If a tour bus or other tour related equipment is not on the road, it is probably in Nashville getting it scheduled maintenance.
    * Hit-makers of all genres begin here or move here.
    * Many music personalities, producers, and studio people move here to get clean and sober.
    * Many move here for attractive tax policies.


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Google Entrepreneurs

Business leaders and investors have been working for the past several years in a common goal of making Nashville a technology destination.

    * Companies are recruiting talented, technology transplants.
    * Google is making Nashville one of seven cities to participate in their Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hubs.
    * Google is bringing Google Fiber to Nashville.
    * Nashville’s attractive housing prices and low cost of living is making Nashville technology transplant city.
    * Want some code written? You can get it done in Nashville.
    * There are 24 post-secondary institutions in the area.
    * Nashville has a central location and lower cost of living compared to cities of comparable size.
    * There is a lot for students nd youg people to do in their free time.
    * On average, 60% of graduates choose to remain here.

Urban Greenways

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Downtown Greenways
    * 90 parks.
    * 75 miles of greenways.
    * 190 miles of trails throughout Davidson County.
    * The Greenways for Nashville Campaign has a goal of a greenway trail within two miles of every Nashvillian.

A new “Ellis Island,” a magnet for immigrants


    * Nashville was anointed as an “It City” in January 2013 by the New York Times.
    * Some 30 percent of students in Metro schools live in homes in which English is not the primary language.
    * Nashville is the home of the nation’s largest Kurdish population, as well as sizable numbers from other countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Eretria and Bhutan.
    * Nashville has traditionally had a sizable and prominent African-American community, which accounts for nearly 16 percent of its population.

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